Leslie and I just got home from a great dinner at Shogun with friends. That place never, ever lets me down. I order the same thing every time I go: Salmon & Chicken with Fried Rice. I always leave full and satisfied, and surprisingly, I didn't make myself feel sick this time from eating too much. I think the secret was not eating for hours beforehand and just ignoring hunger pains and all of symptoms of low blood sugar. LOL! No, but seriously...You can't go there and eat your entire plate on a semi-full stomach. That scenario absolutely just cannot happen.

So I am dying to have pictures to post of our house! We're closing in 4 days!!! We have a lot of cosmetic repairs to make, so I'll be sure to make lots of "befores" and "afters." Leslie and I had our final walk-through with our realtor today. Everything looked great, and I was excited just to have an excuse to be in the house. One issue...I bought a dresser at a flea market for $15 (a steal!) with the intention of giving it a makeover then putting it by the front door in the entryway. Realized today while in the house that it will most likely be too big for the space. Totally bummed me out. On the bright side, however, I realized we could use it in our office as extra storage. This just means I'll be painting the dresser a different color than I originally planned to, but I still get to do my project! Is it crazy that I'm super excited to pick out new hardware for it???

I feel like posts are boring without pictures, but bear with me! I promise I have big plans as far as that goes. ;-)

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