Where have I been lately, you ask? At our new house...cleaning, sanding, taping and painting!

Closing went swimmingly well. You know how everyone complains about the 6-inch stack of papers you have to sign at closing? Let me tell you the truth...It's really not that bad!! Closing took about an hour, and I was amazed at how un-tired my hand was from signing all the papers. It didn't hit me that we had bought our first house until I heard, "Congratulations!" I didn't even know we had finished signing the paperwork, and our realtor handed us a bottle of bubbly and a $25 giftcard to Lowe's. Our loan officer even came to our closing, which is apparently not a common occurance. Looks like maybe she loves us as much as we grew to love her. ;-)

Ever since closing, we have spent the last 3 days at the house doing all we can to make it OURS. Cleaning wasn't too bad. Unlike most forclosures, our house was left pretty well clean for us. The taping and sanding will wear you out! Painting isn't necessarily tiring, just takes so long to get a room done. Am I complaining? No! This is so fun and it's something we'll never do again...Paint and prepare our first house for us to move in to. The new carpet gets installed this Thursday, fridge is coming Saturday, followed closely behind by US!

Here's a little preview of what we've been doing:

Before: Way too orange

After: Much better...

Stay tuned!

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