Creative Ideas...

So I went to Hobby Lobby today, and like most every other time I go, the angels broke out in harmonious chorus, and the lights shone around me like I was in Heaven. And I got really inspired and all crafty-feeling. I bought some burlap for our Christmas tree skirt next year, as well as a pattern for a Christmas tree skirt. I have extra burlap for the tree topper (a bow or something). I also bought some pillow stuffing for some shabby chic pillows I'm about to make for the guest bedroom out of an old cotton fabric shower curtain. Oh, and I bought an 8x10 canvas for a new project. I got the idea off HGTV. You print a picture off your computer onto iron-transfer paper then iron it onto the canvas. It makes a very unique, aged-looking picture, especially if you print the picture off in sepia or black and white.

I am so thankful for the extended vacation time I've gotten thanks to the snow days because I'm getting to spend time focusing on being creative and on getting organized. I've been doing a lot of the "out with the old," trying to get ready to move into our new house. The less we have to move, the better. And it feels so good to finally have some motivation to get rid of useless old junk that we don't need anymore.


  1. i love these ideas!! and its getting so close to moving time and i STILL havent seen the house!!

  2. I love your blogging! I rarely get on mine, half the time I don't have any time or energy to write and really my blog entries aren't that interesting. I have actually made a canvas with the picture.. I made a lot of them actually for Christmas gifts but instead of using iron on transfers I just printed them off the computer, had them englarged, and mod podged them. I made one for my mom of my 2 brothers and I and she loved it!