Snow Days

I still get excited about snow days, just like I did when I was a kid! And being that I'm a teacher now, I still get to enjoy the whole "getting-off-work/school-so-I-can-stay-home-and-be-lazy" excitement. Tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of MDO to begin our new semester after Christmas break, but due to snow, it won't be happening. This has been a great, relaxing, fun vacation. Emily and Charlie were here for a couple of weeks, we had a white Christmas, and now more snow! I love snow because it's so pretty and it makes everything outside seem so serene and still. Plus, it gives me a reason to stay in my pj's all day and basically be a hermit! I have to say, being social and having a life is awesome, but snow days...come on, everyone needs one every once in a while. ;-)

Maybe I should start packing tomorrow...?

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