.my shabby guestroom.

I would like to think I treat my house guests right.
Especially the overnight ones.
If for no other reason than they get to sleep in my favorite room in the house.

This is the collage of family photos I made. I think this area is so intimate and will mean a lot to family members that stay with us.

This is my favorite room in our house because it is so bright and cheery. It makes me happy just walking by and peeking in the door way.

I'll be the first to admit this room is a little on the girly side.
While I do feel bad for the male guests who have stayed...
I don't plan on changing it away from the shabby style anytime soon.

The rose that I framed is the one my husband gave me on our one-month anniversary of dating. That was almost 7 years ago.

I want to the bed to be one big, soft, pillowy invitation of pure rest.

I want it to be just as cozy as those hotel beds we never want to get out of.

There's a peek at my shabby guest bedroom!
I hope you all love it as much as I do!


  1. love it! i love the collage wall!! at first i thought the blue frame was just a frame, but i then i saw that it was a mirror! so great!!

  2. LOVE your arrangement of framed photos - I actually thought that was a photo from a magazine you were sharing :) Looks fantastic and so does the rest of your guest room. I'd be more than happy to stay in that gorgeous, comfy bed!! Lovely! You've inspired me to get onto making our guest room look nicer x

  3. how gorgeous--i adore the bedding and the personal, family touch.

  4. What a lovely guest room. I bet you have a hard time getting your guests out of that cozy bed...gorgeous. Hugs - Carrie

  5. i just love all the floral combinations!! gorgeous! thank you for your sweet comment on my 100th post...means a lot to have understanding, caring readers! thanks...xoxo

  6. That really is a wonderful room! I'd love to be able to rest my head there. :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  7. i love your shabby guestroom...especially the beautiful bedding!