.should have never napped.

I never take naps. But for some reason, I was so tired today, it was inevitable. Oh, and it was all good at the time. But now it's midnight on a church night, and I've been clicking all over etsy for the past few hours. Yes, hours.

Hubs was watching Nascar on the couch, and I'm assuming he's now asleep there because I have not heard a peep from him. Even the pug is passed out on the floor right next to me. Sheesh.

Alas, since sleep evades me, I compiled a treasury for etsy called "Backyard Summer Party."

If sleep evades you too, you should go have a look. I've made it easy for ya by making the picture a link straight to it. Go on and click it. You know you want to. :-)

These are the kinds of things I do when I can't sleep. Then I go get a midnight snack because my tummy is not used to being alert at this hour, and it's telling me it's been too long since its last meal. Refrigerator, here I come.

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  1. Looks like a great treasury, I'm going now to check it out. : )