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I've spent literally all day on the couch thanks to a nasty stomach bug. Ugh... Stomach issues are the worst! On the bright side, I can tell I'm getting better. I'm looking forward to being able to walk at a normal pace and not all hunched over. A shower is in my near future as well.

Sweet Simon the pug is always so good on both snow days and sick days. He has been sleeping all day, wherever I am, he's there. I'm sleeping, he's sleeping. Right now I'm at the computer in the office, and he's sleeping on the floor next to me. Gotta love a pug!

The compressor on our air conditioner went bad, so we are without the luxury of central air this weekend, but the hubs' parents installed a temporary window unit for us. That combined with the fact that it's nearing the end of Summer is keeping us pretty comfortable.

Did I just say... It's nearing the end of Summer? If I felt up to it, I'd have to perform a happy jig right where I am. Fall is my absolute most favorite season! I get all giddy when I think about the beautiful leaves, pumpkins and chilly temps that are soon to come!

I've started taking a yoga class at the gym twice a week. I love it because it's so simple and easy to follow along with, yet I know if I stick with it I'll see some kind of results. It feels good to take the initiative to drive to the gym those evenings by my own accord and know that I am choosing to do something good for myself.

And last but not least... It's football season! Hubs and I have enjoyed watching the Razorbacks play and (so far) WIN all their games! Next week we play at home against the #1 ranked team, Alabama. Fingers crossed we'll be able to pull that one off!

One more week 'til Fall!!!

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