.where were you?.

September 11, 2001

The day our world stood still.

May God bless every single person that witnessed the horror in person and survived, every single family member and friend that lost a loved one that day. May God bless this country. May we all remember those who lost their lives that day and the firefighters, policemen and rescue crews whose lives were inevitably changed forever.

I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room watching the horror unfold on the news.

Where were you?


  1. Amen! I was in a history class. Once we heard, we turned on the TV and all sat there stunned in silence for the rest of the class.

  2. It was later in the day for us because we lived in Germany. I decided to turn the news on after the kids, who were very small then, woke up from their nap. I turned it on to see a burning tower and just then the second airplane crashed into the second tower right behind the reporters head. I couldn't figure out if it was real or a movie. I quickly got my small children away from the TV, their innocent little eyes were huge. Sam called from the field shortly to get an update as they were getting mixed reports. We lived off post out in a little German village, my neighbors got me groceries and things so I cold stay home as no one was sure if it was safe for me to go out and the lines to get on post were huge and security very tight. Germans brought flowers and sat them at the post gates for many days after to show they were thinking of us and concerned.