.in one hour.

I am proud of myself for the simple fact that I cleaned!

It probably shouldn't be such a big deal, but along with Summer has come a pretty intense case of the big "L." {laziness}

After working today, I treated myself to a Dr. Pepper slush from Kum & Go. While driving home, I told myself that instead of my usual after-work routine of eating junk and wasting too much time on the computer, today I was going to be productive.

I set a goal: to clean house for ONE hour. I challenged myself to get as much done as I could, after which I could reward myself with computer time.

Hence, this blog!

As soon as I got home, I put on shorts and a tank top and got to work.

This is what I got accomplished in an hour:

+ Dishwasher unloaded and reloaded with dirty ones and started 'em up

+ Kitchen counters and stove wiped down

+ Random items on the eating table put in their proper places

+ All surfaces and decorations dusted in the living room, master bedroom and halls/entrance.

+ A stack of clean laundry divided and put away

+ Both toilets cleaned

+ Both bath vanity mirrors and one mirror in bedroom cleaned

+ One of husband's shirts ironed

+ Our bed made


I am actually going to make this new timed cleaning thing a part of my everyday life. It doesn't always have to be an hour. For example, depending on how I feel or how much time I have, I plan to clean for no less than 30 minutes every day. I'll just turn on my contemporary Christian music like I did today and get down and dirty! That way, when it's time to relax, I'll enjoy it more because I'll know I earned it!

You know, it wouldn't hurt if this cleaning closet was in my house... Just sayin'...

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  1. Sounds like a great strategy for getting some housework done without any distractions. I like the idea of a little reward at the end :)