.my diy dry-erase board.

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled across a super cute and easy DIY project: this dry erase board.

I decided it would make a good addition to the little area by our dining table. Hubs and I can use it to write messages to each other or I can use it to announce our weekly menu.

I found a 12.5" x 12.5" scrapbook paper frame at Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off, so I got it for about $7.50. I already had a collection of scrapbook paper, so I chose two different pieces in the colors I wanted, cut one down to a smaller square, and framed it up.

Voila! Here is my diy dry-erase board:

The framed "B" above it is a plastic letter used for signs that I purchased off Etsy from moxiethrift. It is framed with some light blue and white striped scrapbook paper.

Here is a close-up of the paper I chose for my dry-erase board. I love it!

And that's that! Easy as pie. You should probably make one for your home now. :-)


  1. this is super cute!!!! i really want to do this too! thx for sharing the idea. :)