.feeling creative.

For the first time in a long time (I'm talkin' months here), the creative bug has struck! I wish creativity was something that was always there, flowing rampantly, in endless supply. But for this girl, creativity likes to go on unexpected hiatuses...sometimes for way too long. Now that it's back, I don't want to waste any time. (Why else would I be up at midnight? Well, besides Pinterest....)

As is typical with these waves of sudden creativity, my mind is swirling with ideas. My passion has returned and my poor brain just can't keep up! The O.C.D. side of me is going to have to intervene and make a list if I'm ever going to get past the "inspired" stage and to the "created" stage.


Things To Do To Accomplish Creative Projects While Not Losing An Ounce of Sanity in the Process:

+ Definitely need to get my sewing room organized and de-cluttered. Cluttered room = Zero motivation to create!

+ Stick to one project at a time instead of working on 15 different things then never finishing any of them.

+ Set a schedule. On days off, I need to have goals set of what I want to get done by x-time and how many hours I want to devote to my crafting each day.

+ Make deliveries! Get new inventory into the shops that so kindly support my creative habit and provide me with a local venue from which to sell.

+ Don't waste time pinning and getting inspired when I've actually got more than enough inspiration...It's time to produce, baby!

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  1. i need to get stuff out too!! it's so hard. I have the want to.. but so much going on! you're doing great!! can't wait to see you again... love the pic at the top by the way.. might just need to frame one of those for my "studio" area! :)