.our love story . part one.

I got the idea to share my “love story” after reading Elizabeth’s blog at E Tells Tales. Her story was so well-written and full of juicy details, it was like my own little soap opera to read and I looked forward to each new installment. My friend Emma and I decided we would follow suit and share our love stories. She already started hers (It is so cute so far!) and you can find it here.

So without further ado, the story of us: Leslie and Martha.

The first time I ever laid eyes on my future husband was on the first day of college classes, my Junior year of college. I sat in Intro to American Literature and scanned the room. I remember he was sitting on the other side of the room, around a group of guys. He had on a Cardinals baseball cap, faded blue with the bill curved. He had a yellow Nautica backpack and was sitting all chilled-out style, leaning back, legs resting in the aisle. I just knew he and all those other guys had to be players. I had no good reason to base this judgment on other than the fact that they had an air of confidence about them. Looking back now, that is so a college guy thing.

Anyway, I still remember what I was wearing that day. A fitted yellow American Eagle graphic tee and short denim skirt. I think I remember what I was wearing because that was also the day a guy named Andy asked me out on a date, to which I said yes and Andy became my boyfriend shortly after.

So back to that day in Intro to American Lit…Leslie has told me since then that all college guys scan the classroom on the first day of class and try to spot the hotties. He told me he saw me that day and thought I was the front runner. (Must have been slim pickin’s if you ask me.) He liked my blue eyes, he told me.

The days went by and we never talked until the day our professor randomly put us in a group together to analyze a poem. I laugh now thinking about how I had no idea this guy that intimidated me with his aloofness would be my future husband. He stared at me a lot while we were in our group and kept asking me questions, to which I was highly embarrassed and a little annoyed. I kept thinking how I was not going to be the next notch in his belt, so he could just give up the act of pretending to get to know me.

We discovered we lived in the same dorm, he on the 2nd floor and me on the 3rd. I don’t remember any developments in our relationship between the day we were in a group together and the day I missed class and had to ask him for the homework assignment, but I do remember being nervous and excited to go to his dorm room. He and his roommate had a floral, golden girls-type couch in their room and that’s what we sat on as I held my notebook and copied down our assignment for class. Keep in mind, I was way nervous, super shy and was crushin’ on Leslie, so when he said, “You seem kind of quiet, like you don’t know what to say,” I was immediately offended and embarrassed. I replied, “I’m fine,” packed up my stuff, and left.

Even though I was dating Andy at the time, I couldn’t get Leslie out of my mind. I thought he had a lot of nerve calling me out on my shyness and I remember telling my brother, “I don’t think I like that Leslie guy too much.”

{Leslie back in the college days}

To Be Continued…

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  1. ugh!! to be continued??? lol LOVE it!! can't wait to read ALL of it!! I'm so glad we're doing this!! can you see our kids reading our blogs one day?? maybe they'll think we're cool... yeah probably not! ;)