.home alone.

The hubs left 12.5 hours ago for a week-long business trip. The house would be awfully quiet if I didn't have a pug to provide continuous background noise in the form of breathing, sneezing and hacking.

I've decided that the hubs being gone is a mixture of both good and bad.

The Bads:

+ I miss him. Duh.
+ When Simon gets poop stuck to his bottom, I have to wipe it off, which makes me dry heave.
+ Really, I just miss him. A lot.

The Goods:

+ I can watch whatever I want on tv. (I actually watched the Emmy's tonight!)
+ I can eat brownies and ice cream for dinner.
+ I can browse Pinterest, update twitter and play Words with Friends for hours upon end without being judged.


I'm making this week fun, despite missing my bff. I've got myself dinner plans booked for almost every night this week and don't plan on cooking one single meal. Gonna do my nails, watch my DVR'd "girly" shows and spend way too much time on the internet. Then, with the 3 hours hubs will spend driving home, I'll load the dishwasher, throw in some laundry, and do a quick pick-up of the house. ;-)


  1. I hate being home alone too but it sounds like you've got it covered this week by looking at things positively and using the opportunity to do some 'girly' things :)

  2. exactly what i would do. i love alone/me time...replenishes the well :)