.diy chevron washi tape letter.

I had an unfinished wooden B.

I had a roll of red and white chevron duct tape from the dollar bin at target.

I had an idea: combine the two!

Let the pictures do the talkin' and you can make one too!

// TIPS //

+ An X-ACTO knife comes in handy if you're covering a letter with curves, to make little slits on the back side of the tape and wrap it around the curve.

+  To wrap the edges more cleanly, I suggest leaving more overhang than I did on mine. I had to go back over my edges with more tape to cover some exposed wood. I'll probably have to mod-podge over the edges because the tape is wanting to peel up.

+ Be sure to line up the pattern on your tape (even if that means overlapping your pieces a little bit) to create a more seamless look.

Now, it's your turn!

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  1. Awesome idea! I love it. I might have to make one as well! :)