.painting advice needed.

I worked most of the day yesterday on a dresser I am re-doing. I found it at a flea market for only $15, ready to take on the challenge of an outdated piece of furniture with paneling on the sides. Yes, paneling. And brassy gold handles on the drawers. All-around ugly is what it was. Anyway, to make it fit into our office, (It will be great for extra storage) I chose to paint it red. First, I primed it, then I spray painted it using Krylon Cherry Red.

Here's where I need your advice. I don't have any experience painting furniture at all. I wish the dresser was more of a barn red and less of a bright, shiny red. How would you suggest I - 1) dull the finish a bit so it's not so shiny and 2) darken the shade a bit if possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I promise to post before and after pics!

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  1. I wish I had some advice for you!

    Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog!

    I'm sure there is a creative lady somewhere in blog land who will be able to help you. Good luck!! Can't wait to see pics!