.quiet evening rambles.

It's not very often anymore that I just blog for the sake of simply typing about things on my mind or the happenings of the day. I guess I always feel like I have to have pictures to go along with my story or nobody will care to know what I'm jabbering about. Here lately, the only things I've been posting about have been my house, decor, or DIY projects. My life consists of so much more than that, and if you're following my blog, you deserve to know more about me.

First of all, I am so BLESSED. Sometimes it will just hit me how blessed I am, and I'll get mad at myself at how often I take these blessings for granted. I remember months on end a few years ago that I was looking for a job. Not just any job, but something I was passionate about. I have had some pretty bad experiences with past jobs. One only lasted 3 weeks. One only lasted 3 days. Yes, it was that bad. When a job is not right for you, it's so stressful. But NOW, I have two awesome part-time jobs that I absolutely love! God blessed me with both these jobs at right about the same time. I am a teacher for a mother's day out program at a local church. My class is the younger 3 year olds. I love this job because kids are so sweet and absolutely hilarious at the most random times. Yes, it gets hectic and most days are pretty crazy, but I love my kids, and I wouldn't trade the crazy days for anything. Who wants a boring job anyway, right?! I've also been blessed with my DREAM job, and I've been working at it for about a year-and-a-half. I am honored to be the assistant editor of a local family magazine called Peekaboo. I got my Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing, with a minor in English. Honestly, after I started working with kids, I didn't think I would ever get a job where I actually got to utilize my degree. Thankfully, Kim, the editor of the magazine, took a chance on me. Not only have both of these jobs been a financial help to my husband and me; it is because of these jobs that I have gained so many great girlfriends.

Speaking of these girlfriends, we have plans to go watch a roller derby match this Saturday. Never been to one of these before, but I'm expecting an all-out brawl between beefy women. Should be a blast and supply us all with lots of laughs!

I know this post was pretty wordy, and I feel bad that I don't have any interesting pictures to post. Sometimes you just wanna type, you know?

And the hubs is over at a friend's house watching the NFL draft, so what better to do with my quiet evening then blog?

One more thing. I took my pug, Simon, to the doggie park this evening, and he is pooped. He splashed around in a creek and frolicked with all different breeds and sizes of dogs. I'm so glad I have a friendly dog. Even when a cranky old chihuahua tried to bite at him, Simon still wanted to be his friend. Now he is down by my feet snoozing away. An outing such as the dog park usually keeps him down for a good 24 hours afterwards. LOL - poor thing, he's so out of shape.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. I feel special. :-)


  1. Great post lady!! Why do we all seem to take the smallest things for granted? Sounds like you have a wonderful family and a wonderful life...no wonder your such a wonderful gal! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

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