.garage sale.

This weekend I didn't get to do my usual estate sale/yard sale thing. Instead, I had a sale of my own! Throw in 6 other people's stuff, and we had a garage full of *junk.* Friday morning, we opened the garage door to pull everything out onto the driveway, and we were bombarded by a stampede of eager beavers ready to check out their purchases before we even had time to get our money table set up. What kills me is how people try to get you to come down on your already-low prices first thing in the morning!
We all came out with a few extra bucks. Not enough to pay for any future kids' college funds or anything, but enough to go out and have a fun outing or (in my opinion - the best way to spend it: shopping at a flea market). The best part was sitting around with my mom, sis-in-law, mom-in-law, and grandmas and just talk and laugh. Gotta love those drive-by yard salers that brake and slowly sweep their eyes over your merch from their cars before slamming their foot down on the accelerator and squealing away. :-)

Now it's time to shift my focus from yard sales to preparing for something a lot bigger and exciting that happens in less than a week... It's a pretty big deal for this little Southern girl. Maybe... I'm going somewhere and experiencing a couple of things I've never experienced before. I'll give you hint in my next post. Until then, can you guess what I might be hinting at???

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  1. Gotta love a garage sale. I just recently had two on back to back weekends. It really is kinda fun aside from dragging everything out, and then loading up what's left for goodwill. I've almost spent all of my money on what else...yard sales & antique store visits { Oh, and some landscaping too }. I love what you said about the drive by's, but I have to admit I'm guilty of the same thing...too funny. Take Care, Carrie