.true treasures with mom.

I had a wonderful mother's day with my mom! One of our favorite things to do together is peruse antique malls and flea markets in the area. Today we had a lot of fun at True Treasures, a.k.a. the best little jewel in Northwest Arkansas -- so good, in fact, that Sandra Bullock is a repeat visitor whenever she is in the area!

I know you ladies would love this place as much as I do, so today I took some pictures of my favorite things both inside the shop and out. WARNING: There are A LOT of pictures below, but I have a feeling you all won't mind! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I loved taking them!

And while you're at it, go to True Treasure's BLOG. :-)


  1. Love those folding chairs....just what I'm looking for. What a great way to spend Mother's day, that's my idea of the perfect day. : ) Carrie

  2. Hi Martha!

    Wow, these are some fabulous photos!
    Looks like y'all had a really wonderful day. :-)