.the long and short of it.

Yes, this is a blog about hair. And I am in the midst of a hair dilemma. Ladies, I know you've been there too!

In the past year, I've gone from having very long hair to having shoulder-length hair. Right now, it is in that awkward in-between stage that no one likes. It's the do-or-die time of the growing out process. You know, do I stick it out and get past this boring length, keep my eye on the prize and just wear it back a lot until it's long again... Or do I cut it and call it done?

Me last month...so boring, I'm falling asleep.....

Me this month... still snoozing....

Me about a year ago with luxuriously long locks... It took longer to "fix," but the end result always felt worth it.

Me with my short, sassy 'do about a year ago. Lots less maintenance...but also less "romantic and feminine."

What to do, what to do??? For now, I'm leaning towards keeping my eye on the prize and growing it back out. It's getting pretty hot outside, so being able to pull it back and off my neck is very appealing right now. When it's short, it doesn't pull back as easily. Although, I do miss how fast I used to be able to fix my hair back when it was short...

I suppose time will tell what I end up doing. In the meantime, your opinion on the matter could very well influence what I decide to do. So please, talk to me about my hair! ;-)


  1. You have lovely hair - my favourite style is definitely the first or last photo - really suits you. You have to live with it though so if you are leaning towards growing it again, I say go for it :)

  2. I've always loved long hair & the picture of you in front of the waterfall is gorgeous! maybe grow it out for fall & winter & get it cut short for spring & summer?! that would be a good compromise. I let mine grow back out and it's now at the stage I want it but I'm just now getting use to it. it felt like it was too long to d anything with but I'm getting the hang of it. Just try whatever feels better to you. but if it was up to me I'd say go for long!

  3. I had the same dilemma as you a couple of weeks ago! I had long hair & was tired of the maintenance but after the effort of growing it I didn't want to get it all cut off!!! In the end I had about 3-4 inches taken off & I'm loving it!! Its about the same length as yours now!! So, I'd say keep it as low maintenance as possible for the summer! :)

    Love your waterfall picture!

    Hope you're having a good day!


  4. My hair is at the same stage and I've been toying with growing it long. But I think your last photo looks the best, it really suits you in the shorter style.

  5. I love your hair long! I do like my hair longer so you can put it up when its hot! I was reading your profile...I love being @ home too especially when it rains! I love rainy days! I just finished reading Nicholas Sparks Dear John! it was great. I love to take pictures also. We have alot of cameras in this house. As a blogger I always have my camera in my purse! and I love to take random road trips! We always did that as a kid and I think that is why I still love it! I found you thru Handbags n Pigtails. Stop by and say hello.

  6. I like you more with long hair :)