.chicken fried.

with a little bit of chicken fried

cold beer on a friday night

a pair of jeans that fits just right

and the radio up...

I saw the Zac Brown band live last night! I love this band. The chicken fried song is quite catchy, and, even though I don't drink, I still sing along with the lyrics.

She's Got Whatever It Is... the song that every girl wishes a guy would write about her.

My favorite: Highway 20 Ride. Even though it's a letter from a father to a son -- which in no way relates to me -- the tune and the lyrics are perfection in my opinion. Also, as they played the song, on the big screens behind them were pictures from a road trip and shots of the highway while driving through desolate mountain areas. It reminded me of being in college and driving home on the weekends, down curvy country highways.

.loren and i are huge zbb fans.

.apparently, so are these little twinkies! these cuties were in our class this year, and they were sitting with their parents just a few rows behind us!.


Did I forget to mention that the Zac Brown Band was only the opening act???

.tim mcgraw!!!!!.

back when a hoe was a hoe
coke was a coke
and crack's what you were doing
when you were crackin' jokes
back when a screw was a screw
the wind was all the blew
and when you said i'm down with that
it meant you had the flu
i miss back when...

.for some reason, it was super hot in the arena.
.and we were drenched in sweat.

.but it was such a fun time.
.a night to remember.

.i had so much fun singing at the top of my lungs.
.because i knew it was loud enough that no one would hear.


  1. you always look beautiful even when you're sweaty! looks like you had a blast! love them both too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. First time visiting your "simple" blog!Lol
    Sadly I don`t know who Zac Brown is... But taking it from you, he must be an amzing singer!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Debbie Moss