.ode to target's chairs.

Dear Target,

I love your chairs. Mostly, your armless chairs, but there is one arm chair in particular that I also drool over.

Coincidentally, I am in the market for some new living room furniture. Right now all we have is a micro-suede dark green couch, a glass-top coffee table, and a tv on a stand.
Yes, I know. It is quite sad. And soooo not my style.

But these chairs, these are what I would consider "my style." I love all these colors; how could I ever pick just one!

I would love to own just one of these chairs... Make that two chairs. One for each side of the fire place. I could decorate a whole room around one of these. They inspire me!

But, alas, Target. My love for your chairs will most likely have to continue from afar.

A love that will never be conquered, never relinquished, yet, never reciprocated.

You see, Target, I am married. And the husband, well he wants leather furniture. Talk about a dilemma.

Yours always,

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  1. Aren't they lovely!!! Especially the duck egg blue pattern and the grey and yellow one. It's hard trying to fit in with 'male' tastes at times isn't it?!