.silhouettes of us.

I have been feeling extra crafty lately! I think it's because I'm on summer vacation and I want to use every free minute I have doing something I always wished I had time to do the days I was at work.

I found some instructions online how to make your own silhouettes, and here are the results:

That's my husband and me! We each stood in front of a white door and took our profile pictures. I then printed them out in a 5x7 size and cut out our outlines. Then I traced our outlines onto black construction paper and glued them onto the green background paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. The frames are also from Hobby Lobby and are 8x10. And voila! Instant vintage-inspired silhouettes.

I'm in love!


  1. Wow! They look fantastic - I love the way you've put patterned paper behind. The frames really complete the look - great job! Hope you have lots of nice things planned for your holidays x

  2. What a nice idea!!! Love it!