.my 27th birthday.

Yes, that's right! Today is the day of my 27th birthday! What a wonderful day it's been so far!

I got to have an amazing lunch with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law at the FABULOUS Tea Room in downtown Rogers, Ar!

I ordered the tuna melt on sourdough with creamy potato soup. To. Die. For.

This is the room in which we ate our lunch. They call it the pink room, and the blue room is across the hall. This area is upstairs. Downstairs there are more tables as well as a gift shop and candle outlet. The whole thing is in an old brick building in downtown. Perfect!

And all the was just the beginning of my awesome birthday! After lunch, my mom, s.i.l., and myself walked down the street and around the corner to our favorite fabric shop. Since the fabric shop is moving into a different building, they were having a HUGE sale! I was able to buy stacks of fabric, most for anywhere from 50% - 85% off original prices!

My mom and I also stopped by one of our favorite flea markets and the local thrift store called Helping Hands. I made out like a bandit with major loot from this place too! Maybe I have birthday luck going on, but I think today was a pretty successful shopping day!

My loot: Triangle ruler for cutting quilt blocks (this was 85% off). Stacks of fabric (a lot of which you can't even see because it's folded together). Two sweet little Country Living magazines that I got for 10 cents a piece at Helping Hands. Floral print vintage glasses from Helping Hands (I got all 7 for $3.50!) The amazing book Wild at Heart. Oh, and see the table cloth everything is sitting on? Well, I got that at Helping Hands as well!

.fabric love.

.tulip vintage glasses.

.magazines for inspiration.

Honestly, this has been such a great birthday! Not to mention, my husband is on his way home right now from a 3-day business trip! I'm so glad he'll be home again. I'm a little nervous about debuting my new haircut to him. It's still weird to me, so I imagine it will take the hubs a while to get used to it!


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! Sounds like you've had a wonderful day celebrating. What great little finds you came away with. Love the new haircut xx

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day! Your new haircut is fab - i'm sure your husband will love it!!