.emma's visit.

This past weekend, my friend Emma visited. We spent a couple of hours together, walking around the farmers' market and a favorite local shop, The Mustache.

Here we are in front of the Crepes Paulette trailer. Emma was kind enough to treat me to a La Foster Crepe and Coke.

Isn't she adorbs?! She is crafty too, which I admire greatly. She has two little ones and still gets more accomplished in her day than I do!

See her cute yellow purse? She made that. See her crochet bracelet? She made that.

See her pink skirt? She got it on clearance at Target for $3. Bargain shopper too?! Bazinga. This chick rocks.

We found a really funny guy to take our picture, and he called a lot of attention to us, which embarrassed me, which led to uncontrollable laughing, which led to further embarrassment.

The crepes guy had an accent, and we liked that. We sat on a bench to eat our messy crepes. While Emma talked, I eagerly listened as powdered sugar dropped onto my skirt and syrup drenched my hands. I'm a messy eater, but Emma doesn't mind. ;-)

If you get a chance, check out my talented friend's online shop: Created by Emma.

Here's to friendship, laughter and sugar highs.

Oh, and to YOLO'ing, obviously.


  1. you made my life!! And you know that means a lot cause YOLO!

  2. Don't you love when you start laughing and can't stop for anything? Those pictures are adorable. :)

    lace, etc.

  3. Love how happy you look in the pictures! Hope your first day back was awesome! I have great admiration for those that teach the wee ones...you must have the patience of Job! :)

  4. Cute pictures! And your friend's purse is adorable!