.school and my daddy.

I am 2 days into the new school year, and so far I am loving it!

Unlike the past few years, my class is majority girls. It is so different, a lot calmer and easier. And my hair gets played with a lot.

I seriously feel so blessed.

Here's my first day of school pic, with my lunch bag and everything!


My dad got released from the hospital last night, around 8:30. He had been started back on small meals yesterday, with the restrictions of soft foods only.

Bandages are off his stomach from the laproscopic incisions, and the insane bruising is the worst looking part of it all.

The pathology results revealed that his tumor is, in fact, malignant. That word would have really scared me had it been thrown out first thing, but the original diagnosis of benign gave me time to get used to my dad being in the hospital, needing surgery, losing blood, and just having a tumor in his stomach at all.

Even though it is malignant, it's the slow-moving kind. Chemo is still an option, but not a guarantee. We'll know for sure after my dad meets with an oncologist. 

The doctor is confident he removed all of the cancerous cells, and I have peace about everything.

I trust that God only allows people to leave this earth when it's His decision that they do, and we will be here just as long as he allows. He's allowed my dad more time with us, and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm grateful and humbled by the Lord's presence in all of this. The timing of everything, the doctor my dad received, the care of the nurses He provided...everything.

+ And, quick side note: My dad is the biggest flirt in the hospital. Those nurses sure get a kick out of him. +

I have seen a boldness for the Lord from my dad that I admire and wish I had in myself. He witnesses to pretty much every person he comes in contact with, including nurses and even other patients down the hall from him.

I'm so glad my parents are home now. Circumstances like they've been under the past couple of months have drawn them closer together and closer to God.

And I love, respect and admire both my parents right now more than I ever have.

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  1. I'm so glad that your dad is ok. Praying for him!