.giveaway giftcard already spent.

When I found out at 7:30 this morning that I had won Fiona and Twig's blog giveaway of a $125 giftcard to CSN stores online, I woke up real fast and left for work with an extra skip in my step.

While at work, I dreamed of what I could buy. Being the bargain shopper that I am, I tried to picture how I could get as much for that amount as I could.

After work, I came home and literally spent hours looking at everything available on the CSN stores website.

This is what I came out with:

Set of 2 Highland Feather White Feather / Down Pillows @ $29 a piece

Yoga Direct Charter Oak Deluxe Extra Thick Yoga Sticky Mat in Seafoam - $16.99

Yoga Direct Charter Oak Nylon Yoga Mat Bag in Black - $8.99

Kinetic Classicor 12" Covered Chicken Fryer - $36.99

Victorinox Swiss Army 3.25" Paring Knife in Red - $2.99

I still can't believe that I won out of over 400 comments! This feels too good to be true! I've been dreaming of buying everything you see on the list, but my budget doesn't quite allow for me to go out and buy new down pillows or a deep dish frying pan just anytime I please. The frying pan and paring knife are two things I've needed for quite a while. The yoga mat and carrying bag will hopefully serve as extra motivation to exercise. The down pillows... I'll admit, that was my guilty pleasure splurge. Since I got two of them, my hubby benefits as well, and I don't think he'll be complaining!

Thank you so much, Anne. You literally made my day and then some!


  1. congratulations! you got some nice stuff.

  2. Hi. Glad to meet you. Congrats on winning Fiona & Twig's giveaway! The little dresses in your shop are so pretty! and love the linens on your shabby chic guest bed. I also have a shabby chic guest room.
    Keep the faith.
    ~ Julie

  3. I'm so happy that YOU are happy, Martha!
    Great purchases!