.sick sunday.

Last week was the first week back to school for my Mom's Day Out program. It was a really good week, but lots of sickness came along with it.

I am in the midst of a cold with a nose running like a faucet and a gradually fading sore throat. I really can't complain too much though because I've been hearing stories of those much worse off!

I was really looking forward to church this Sunday but didn't get to go. A man named Bruce Frye (a mucician that played with and idolized Hank Williams Jr. back in the day) is guest speaking, giving his testimony and even playing original songs. I hate that I couldn't make it this morning, and it's not looking good for the evening service either.

Hubs is on the couch working away. He has a work laptop now, which allows him to catch up on things over the weekend without having to drive into the office. It looks like he'll be working the rest of the day away while I'll be blowing my nose the remainder of the day.

Fun times in our household this Sunday. Here's hoping yours is full of good health and work-free fun! :-)


  1. I have a cold also! ugh. A summer cold stinks! feel better.

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