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This past weekend, hubs and I drove to Kansas City with our friends Aaron & Sarah for our 4th annual Summer KC trip. We go each year to watch the Royals play. This trip was probably my favorite one ever. It was a smaller group than usual, the Royals won both games (against the Orioles), and we just had so much fun!

Sarah and I tend to think of ourselves as being pretty "wholesome" girls, so the fact that our alter-egos when we get to KC are "Hotcakes" and "Syrup" is quite the joke!

It's always soooo hot when we go, and this year was no different. So far, it has never rained. The humidity is always awful. We've gotten smarter and have started sitting in the shade for Sunday's afternoon game. This year, for Saturday's evening game, we endured the heat to sit in the stadium's newest section of seating, right in front of the water fountains. We got sprayed the whole game, so that helped keep us cool.

One of our KC traditions is eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel Sunday morning. This year, we all branched out and ordered something we've never ordered before (except the hubs, who stuck with pancakes, but who can blame him?)

We all cracked up when Sarah somehow managed to leave a whopping 7 pegs in the table game that is notorious at Cracker Barrels. She was like, "Guys, I think I messed up somehow..."

Ok, I'll explain the glaring vendor. He walked up and down the aisles shouting, "Skittles, Twizzlers, M&M's," and would then proceed to scan the crowd with this ever-so-friendly scowl. We thought it was a riot, and we started calling him "Skittler M." We never saw him make any sales... Wonder why???

Let's see, other memories: Saturday night deciding to go swimming at our hotel's pool. We get there really late, 11 pm to be exact, Aaron makes it into the hottub while the rest of us start stripping down to our swimsuits. A janitor comes in to inform us the pool is closing. We all made mental notes to make it to the pool earlier next year!

The past 2 years we've stayed at the Marriot in Overland Park. It's wonderful, amazing, clean, modern, and the beds are like sleeping on a marshmallow cloud. Divine!

Saturday night, after the pool incident, we went back to our rooms so the girls could shower and the hubs ordered pizza. We ended up sharing a large pepperoni pizza in our room after midnight. We were all so tired, but we decided we were on vacation, so why stick to the normal, healthy routine of eating dinner at 5 or 6???

On Saturday before the game started, we shopped at Zona Rosa. If you're ever in KC and are looking for a neat shopping center, I highly recommend this one!

My parents watched Simon the pug for us. Got a call from my dad not 5 minutes after we had dropped him off saying Simon had puked 5 times on their floor. Way to start a trip right??? I felt so bad and was worried about Simon. I honestly think he freaked out when we left him and got over-excited and that's why he puked. He's been so content ever since we picked him up and has mostly been sleeping. I guess it was a big weekend for us all!

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  1. Girl, your hair is not too short! It looks like it's a cute length! I do understand what it's like to go from pretty long to super short, but you can definitely rock it. :) xo