.anti-aging creams.

The time has come for me to realize that I'm aging. Wrinkles are beginning to appear. We won't even get into the UV-induced spots on my face from the years I used to tan in a salon. In an attempt to try to cover up my imperfections, I used to purchase my make-up shades darker than what I really needed. Yeah, more color is always great for this naturally pale girl, but orange hairlines and splotchy streaks are not so great. Recently, I purchased make-up more true to my natural skin-tone. I'm still getting used to flaunting my pale skin; however, I need some help covering up my un-even skin tone, under-eye darkness, UV damage, etc. Actually, instead of just "covering it up," I'd like to reverse some of these problems if at all possible. I'm sure there are some pricey products out there that would surely get the trick done; problem is, I can't afford them.

I'm on a drugstore budget but am resolved to the daily application of daily moisturizer with spf along with a nightly anti-aging cream. Here is what I've purchased for my days:

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30.
Claims to even skin tone and texture with the help of a soy complex...
I'm going to wear this every day under my make-up.
My nighttime anti-aging cream:

Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless Skin Firming Night Creme
It's all-natural and claims to fight damage caused from free radicals.
Retails for around $25 but scored a bigtime deal by purchasing off ebay.
My price: $7.75 (including s/h)

I'm no skincare expert by any means. I did some online research before purchasing anything, and both of these products have good reviews as far as the affordable stuff goes.

I will be putting these products to the test and hoping for miraculous results. I would take a "before" shot of my face sans make-up, but no one wants to see that.

If anyone out there has ANY advice at all about anti-aging creams, blemish removing techniques, etc, please share the love right here!


  1. The Burt's Bee's one looks intersting - I've heard pomegranate is meant to be a 'miracle ingredient'. I've been thinking I should start using an anti-wrinkle cream too (before it's too late!!)

  2. Thanks for sharing this!!!!!! I'm gonna start looking for the same type product soon.

  3. use the off brand for the aveeno, it works just as well:-) I used the aveeno one and then switched one day to the off brand since they were out of it. it has worked great.

  4. Hydroxatone and related age-fighting formulations are used by many people who believe that the above five steps are not enough - and decide to investigate available market choices of miscellaneous youth-restoring preparations.

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