A few days ago I posted about a blizzard. Today I have experienced even more epic awesomeness: more snowfall than this part of Arkansas has seen in 80-90 years!!!! I haven't been out to measure it because I don't own a yard stick; all I know is it came up to my knees an hour or two ago. And it's still coming down!

Hubs even got released from work around 8:30 this morning. He almost didn't make it out of the work parking lot with his 2-wheel drive truck, but by the grace of God he made it home safely and is now parked comfortably on the couch with his work laptop and all that jazz.

I couldn't let this epic snowfall pass without a fun mini photoshoot taking place. So I grabbed my colorful umbrella and matching red rain boots (which were unfortunately hidden by all the snow) and threw in a funny pug for extra accessorizing. Husband stood inside and took pictures through the window on our back door. LOL

A huge bonus to this day is all the time I've been able to spend browsing a few of my current FAVORITE blogs. These are my top 2 right now:

Ruffles and Stuff: So full of creative inspiration and amazing tutorials. I have had this blog open for hours because I can't stop looking at it. I don't want to miss anything! I'm getting so many great ideas for new sewing projects.

House*Tweaking: This girl's decorating style is right up my alley! Her home is awesome and her posts are always fun and informative. I can't get enough of this one either!

Well, I'm off to... do exactly what I've been doing. Absolutely nothing and loving it!


  1. those pictures with your umbrella are so cute! glad you guys are safe on this snow day! :)

  2. Those pictures are adorable; very fun! We've had so much snow here in Boston this year... I'm SOO sick of it but I'm glad SOMEONE'S enjoying the snow! Haha.