.day four.

I haven't left the house in 4 days.

"Oh, looky there, Simon. It's snowing...again."

On the bright side:
  • I've gotten lots of new things sewed the past few days
  • I haven't worn a pair of jeans since Monday
  • I've gotten to sleep in as late as I want to
  • I get to eat whatever/whenever I want to with no witnesses

However there have been some negativianos:

  • Minimal human contact. I might be forgetting essential social skills.
  • I might forget how to drive my car
  • My feet stay cold, even with socks on
  • I eat whatever/whenever I want...
  • Ran out of soda yesterday

Oh, and there's a photo contest going on at Angel Perry today. The theme is "Yellow." Here is my submission. I call it "Pug Mug."

living in a perry tale


  1. OMGoodness this photo just STOLE MY HEART! I love pugs, yellow, photo frames & that corner table back there. This is simply perfect :}

  2. Love the picture!

    I've been stuck inside for 4 days now, too. I think I really am forgetting essential social skills.

  3. PS: This post totally gave me inspiration to do my own like this. Thanks girl!

  4. oh my word that is SO CUTE! so very very cute! Good luck with all of that snow.

  5. That's a face ANYONE could love! Great picture!

  6. What a super cute mug. Imagine being snowed in with no computer...eeek...thank goodness you can socialize with us until the snow melts and your free again. I think I might kinda enjoy the eating anything I want without witnesses. Stay warm sweetie.Hugs-Carrie

  7. Love that second photo! Adorable :)


  8. Hi my first stop. My daughter started me on aveeno. That's all I use now. This winter has dried my skin out something wicked. By-th-way my next dog will be a PUG.