.brace face, sorta.

Today begins an approximate 18-month journey of my life: BRACES.

Or, to be exact, INVISALIGNS.

Do I look happy? I am.

I've had gaps ever since my adult teeth came in, and now, at 29 years old, I can finally do something about it.

For that, I am so thankful.


I thought I should document everything I'm experiencing on this first day of wearing my Invisaligns, since today...yeah, it's not so fun. I'm hoping that when this process is over, I can look back at this entry and laugh at myself for being such a wuss.

First and foremost, y'all, I expect to lose some weight. I can't eat without taking the clear things off my teeth (which I haven't mastered yet, so that takes time), and then I have to put them right back on my teeth. I have to brush or at least rinse my mouth out before they go back in.

Meal time has become quite the process, and forget about snacking, at least until I master taking these bad boys off.

I'm still trying to decide how I'm ever going to enjoy a meal in public again.

I also seem to be salivating a lot. Not sure if it's the sensation of something on my teeth or what, but I can't swallow often enough. I think I've also been swallowing a lot of air so I foresee some issues of sorts in the future.

So far, I haven't experienced any pain or had to take any aspirin. HOWEVER. I'm about 5 hours into this thing and I'm already feeling like: WHAT IS ON MY TEETH? It would feel so good to take them off for just a few minutes, but the thing with Invisaligns is that you can't. Not if you want proper results, anyway. And I'm paying big $$$ for these so you better believe I'm leaving them right where they're supposed to be.

Also, I now speak with a lisp.


All complaining aside, getting to go through with this is a dream come true and a big step towards greater confidence in myself.

I'll try not to complain too much more. ;-)


  1. Cool that you are documenting this. I am dying to get invisaligns for my crazy teeth but I keep putting it off.

  2. Haha :) this is kinda how I felt when I first got my braces! I was complaining a lot about how weird they felt and how I was talking weird and felt like I couldn't close my mouth right :P Then after finally getting used to the braces I had to start wearing rubber bands xP Oh boy did I just want to rip them out of my mouth and never put them back in!!! ;) But, like all things, you get used to it :) So I hope you become used to your Invisaligns and all the "quirks" the come with them soon :)


  3. I'm either going to have to get braces (AGAIN) or invisalign (hopefully) sometime next year. I had a baby tooth that had to be removed after I chipped it while chewing ice and low and behold there was no adult tooth above it. :( That happened after I had my braces off a long time ago and the gap has started to close because I never did anything about it. Sad face. Anyways, I'm excited for you! You'll love your new beautiful teeth; which already look beautiful by the way. :)

  4. If I had your teeth in the top photo, I'd be one happy lady :) (although the gaps you describe aren't visible there I guess). I'm so glad you've posted this as I've been toying with idea of Invisalign for a bit now. I had braces as a teenager but for some reason, since the last maybe five years, my teeth have shifted and some are now crooked which bugs me, but others say they can't notice. I'd love to hear more about how you find the process in the coming months, I'll have to bug you with emails as I think the whole eating/not being able to snack scenario would drive me crazy - especially seeing as running around after my two girls sees me eating on the go quite often :) If someone could guarantee me my teeth wouldn't get any worse, I'd be happy with them how they are, I'm just worried they'll get worse :( Hope yours settle down soon and you get used to them xx