.small business saturday.

Small Business Saturday is my jam.

I didn't do Black Friday this year. There was nothing I wanted bad enough to fight the crowds. Instead, we tailgated in Fayetteville and watched the last game of the Razorback season.

Today, though. Today was awesome. So. Much. Fun.

All the locally-owned businesses, including flea markets, offered discounts as well as refreshments (which meant free lunch for my mom and me - bazinga!). 

I didn't get to go to half the awesome little shops in my area, but I took my time at the ones I did go to and with the little spending I had, felt I hit the jackpot.

I went to two flea markets and two "gift" shops.

With all the special markdowns, I was able to walk away with some great deals. Here's my loot:

.metal basket: ~$11.
.spool of moss green velvet ribbon: $1.
.large pine cone: $1.
.grapevine cone tree: ~$2.
.fossil watch box: ~$3.
.homemade jar snow globe: ~$3.
.anchor hocking loaf pan: ~$5.

 +++ Not Pictured:

.IKEA large glass canister: ~$3.
A couple of Christmas gifts.


Shop local, y'all. It's more fun.


  1. that metal basket is awesome! but why did you buy a pinecone?? LOL! that struck me as funny!

    1. We have no trees in our yard! I guess I could've gone on a pine cone hunt in the great outdoors, but this one was just perfect and right in front of me, so I just went with it. :-)

  2. i wondered if that was why..we also have no trees!! and i love the brown wrapping paper!! where did you find that??

    1. It's the kraft brown mailing paper. You can get it at the Dollar Tree for $1 a roll!