.thanksgiving: celebration two.

Since we celebrated the night before with my family, we spent Thanksgiving Day with my husband's family. Our sweet puggie got to come along with us, which made the puggie's grandparents very happy.

If you want to talk about a bountiful feast, this was definitely one of those. More food choices than there was room on my plate and desserts galore.

We always gather at Leslie's grandma's house, and as she ages, it gets more and more sentimental each year. I made sure to take candid shots of the hustle and bustle around the kitchen as well as all the familiar faces we see each year at this holiday.

After we ate, we decided to take a walk. Simon wasn't the only pug in the mix this year, so Honey (the other pug) got to join us on the walk as well. There was quite the group of us that went. The air was nice and cool and there were lots of leaves on the ground.

After the walk, everyone just gathered around in little groups on the front lawn and on the porch and talked before heading back in for round two of food.

Hubs and I left after dark. As always, another peaceful day spent laughing and chatting with precious family. I'm so blessed with the family I married into.

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