.thanksgiving: my family.

Oh, Thanksgiving. This is my favorite time of the year!

We celebrated with my family Wednesday evening at my brother's house.

The menu was traditional and yummy.


The gathering was smaller than usual since my brother-in-law had to work this holiday, and he and my sister live about 3 hours away. We definitely missed them. 
After we ate, we sat around and talked, played with my nephew and took some family photos.

But first, of course, Aunt Martha had to brush her teeth so she could put her Invisaligns back in. Levi wanted to join me in my routine, so we got these sweet photos while doing so.

Basically, it was a peaceful evening full of fun, lots of cuteness from my nephew, and lots of precious family time together.

The night ended on a silly note.

And when I say silly, I mean wacky silly. Like, we all grabbed a random prop and posed for one last family picture. The result was pure magic in my opinion...

And that was Thanksgiving with my side of the family!

I love 'em.


  1. Looks like such a fun family gathering. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in Australia but I fear we're missing out on something special seeing your photos :)

  2. the last pic is the best!!! so fun!!! and i want Abby's shoes!!!!!

  3. Love that last photo! Especially the way the dog even squeezed in :-) Family fun is the best type of fun!!!

  4. omg, I love that last picture. Looks like a lot of fun.