.little valentine jars.

 I don't ever decorate around the house for Valentine's Day.


I was thinking about this as I browsed through Pinterest last night, and right about that time, I came across these lovely little jars.

Something about the doilies, paper hearts, and bakers twine struck me with the whimsy romance bug...or something like that.

Since I already had everything I needed to make my own version of these, I decided to sacrifice a few of our drinking glasses (yes, we drink out of mason jars) to make little love note holders for hubs and myself.

I told the hubs about my little plan and made sure he was on board.

From today until Valentine's Day, whenever we get the whim, we will write on little slips of paper different things we love about each other.

Come V-Day, we'll read each others' little messages of love.

What better way to get in the spirit of the holiday? 

I can't wait to see what he writes.

I'm trying to think of things to write that he may not realize I appreciate or things I haven't said in a while.

He already has two notes in his jar.