.operation: conquer da house 2013.


It's a new year. What better time to set fresh goals, conquer dreams, create bucket lists?

I did not set any resolutions this year.

However, after reading various inspiring New Year's posts such as 


I was inspired to think about what I'd like to do differently this year.

The one thing that stuck out the most to me was: my home. Rather, my house. And how I think daily about tasks I need to accomplish to really work our house into more of a home.

I get overwhelmed when I think about everything I need to do to this house of ours. Besides doing a better job of staying on top of the daily cleaning, there are so many wishes, wants, and DIY projects that need to come to fruition.

I've decided it's time to buckle down, make a list, and face the challenge I will refer to as:


I spent a good hour creating a Word document, where I went room by room and listed out everything I'd like to see happen for each space.

Now that it's all listed out in a pretty, organized manner, I feel like I can take a deep breath, pace myself and slowly but surely start checking off tasks.

Here's to more organized, clutter-free 2013.

And a cozier home. Here's to our home.


  1. I love it! Let me know how framing your mirror turns out, I want to do that in the powder room!

  2. go you! I'm sure that you'll do great! we're gonna be even more awesome... is the world ready for that? yolo!