Daisies and Olives

What else would "Daisies and Olives" be than the name of the best antique mall ever?!! Thank you, Katie, for telling me about this place. I've experienced the magic and can now honestly say that this is my new favorite shop.

Have you ever noticed that the best hidden treasures are usually found in the most unexpected places? Daisies and Olives is located in a tiny town in Arkansas called Prairie Grove. If for some odd reason, you are ever passing through this area of Northwest Arkansas, you really must stop by.

They have a website. A sweet little old lady was working today, and she made the experience even more enjoyable. I think what makes this my new "place" is that is filled with antiques that I refer to as "relevant" to decorating today, and not just old junk that smells like must.

Here are my small purchases from Daisies and Olives:

This is our unfinished fireplace mantel. It's unfinished because I still need to buy something to sit on the candlesticks and I need a picture for the chunky wood frame. The green topiarys were purchased today at Daisies and Olives.
Here is a close-up of one of the topiarys. To me, they look whimsical but still elegant.
Leave it to me to be so overcome by joy from finding a white chippy chair to overlook the fact that there is a pole missing from the back...
So this is how the chair will be displayed for now:


  1. I'm in love with those topiarys! They really do look fab near your fireplace! And the chair is another great find!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & for your comment!

    Have a nice day! xx

  2. the topiarys look awesome by your fireplace! and the chair is chipped and worn down so perfectly. :)

  3. I am so glad you liked it, it is definetly one of a kind. It is so funny that you bought those topiaries! I debated on them for each side of our tv on our mantel. they look so good in your house! Anyway, we need to get together and go to a few. I have fridays off! The one that I went to in north Fayetteville on Fri wasn't that great. wouldn't go back.

  4. oh i love this!! we don't have a fireplace...and I so wish we did. it looks great. I love using throws to accent things around the house.