My Necklace

I am so excited! Last week I won my first blog giveaway ever, and I received my prize in the mail today. It was a hand-stamped initial necklace like this:

Mine looks exactly like this one, only it has my initials on it (MCB). It was handmade by Valerie, and it is beautiful! It's simple and classy and the type of necklace I can wear no matter how casual or dressed up I am. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, Meredith, and thank you Valerie for my new favorite necklace! Check out Valerie's etsy store, Spunk and Sass. She is so talented!

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  1. Lovin your prize, it's so cool :) Don't you just love to win something??
    Hmm..can't help with the tanning lotions...I have a tan bed and usually am starting to work on my tan by now..but not this year...I haven't been in it since Spring of last year. I'm just too busy creating, I guess :)