.easter dress.

Every year, I get excited about Easter for different reasons, one of which being I get to wear a pretty pastel dress. Usually this falls through since where I live it's usually cold and rainy on Easter (and I usually end up wearing a pastel turtleneck sweater as opposed to a pretty Spring dress).

To me, this is the perfect Easter dress:

It's a perfect example of wearing pastels and still looking classy and sophisticated. Would you wear something like this for Easter? It's definitely on the formal end as far as church wear goes, but you could get away with wearing this to church on Easter, right?

I just loves dresses and skirts and am so excited the season to wear them is finally here!

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  1. I would love to wear a lovely dress for easter, but it never seems to work out, every year it's cold and rainy. This year it's supposed to be nice, so maybe I'll pull one out this time. Pretty photo. Hope you have a lovely easter. Take Care, Carrie