It's that time of the year again... you know, Spring! That means sundresses, tank tops, skirts and shorts, which in turn means... showing skin. I am very fair-skinned by nature, and I've used a tanning bed to get color every Spring and Summer for the past 9 years or so of my life. This year will be different as I've decided to give up tanning beds. I've been convicted for a long time that I was knowingly harming my body in order to feel pretty, thus sacrificing my health for an outward vanity. It's hard for a female to give up something that makes her feel attractive, but for me, it was time to give up tanning.

This year, I'll be using self-tanning lotion. My goal is to not be brown, but to simply have a little bit of color and not be so pasty-looking.

This is where YOU come in. I need your advice on which self-tanner to use. Obviously, I want low-hassle, no streaking, no orange, and as inexpensive as possible. I've used Jergens Natural Glow in the past, and it never gave me a ton of results, but I've read online that it's been improved. I've also been reading online reviews of other self-tanners, and a lot of people seem to like Dove's tanning lotion, while some like Nivea's.

Have any of you ever used any of these lotions, and if so, which would you recommend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  1. It was so good to see you guys last night! Well, I will give you my 2 cents on self tanner, since i am a product junkie. I do not like any of those gradual tan enhancers, like Jergens, they never work and i think they stink. I do like this product made by bare escentuals called faux tan.I think you can get it @ sephora. It is actual self tanner. Its messy and i have to put it on with gloves, but it looks really natural. I dont like to use it on my face so I use faux tan bronzer(same brand). Have you ever tried mystic? I'm with you on the tanning thing, its horrible, but I have to have color!! Sorry for the long comment.

  2. I have tried Dove but didn't find it made a huge difference on my skin. I like Palmer's Body Bronzer lotion (haven't tried it on my face though). Let us know if you find a good one... x

  3. i love your blog header. it's so simple and pretty. :)

  4. I use(d) jergen's natural glow. It is good, but i wouldn't use it every day for an extended of time because it begins to look streaky, especially on your legs when you shave. I think once every three days is good and I mix a bit with my own lotion. I also use the medium one.

    One of my friends uses the cheap target brand self-tanner and just cuts it in half with her own lotion (literally mixes it in her hand) and lathers it on once a week and she looks fabulous so I might switch to that. Hoep that is helpful!